Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Teachers' Day.

So this is the one day in the year when all the little devils that we teach unpack all their angel guises, exchanging horns for halos and bestowing gifts that would count so much more if they handed in their homework.
Then again, I'm enjoying myself today...after all, it's teachers' day.
Meanwhile, spoils for the day so far (Circa 9am) are, one small bag of cookies, a brands essence of chicken bottle filled with folded paper stars and a CD pouch shaped like a huge cheeseburger...I especially like the last one as through happy coincidence, the boy managed to get me something shaped like my favourite food.
Also a shout out to students who have chanced upon my little corner of the web, "Hey!"
I am also warming up the voice for my vocal performance today at HRC. :P


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