Sunday, July 11, 2004


We watched Super Size Me last night. Wow...Talk about an overdose of junk food. Watching Morgan Spurlock wolf down meal after meal was really intense...almost overkill actually.
Then again, the truth was that it took 3 days in the US for me to actually see a slim American. 3 days. Super Size Me likened the fast food industry to big tobacco and although it seems a little extreme, I think that the film's got a point. It's the little things that are eventually going to kill us. It isn't the car coming down the road, it's the french fries in your hand.
I'm a fast food junkie...or at least I was until I realised that 1) fast food tasted like crap and 2) good tasting fast food cost a lot more...I used to live on cola and I never realised how much crap I was putting into my body. It would be nice to say that I came to this realisation by myself but I didn't. It was my lovely wife who pointed out the fact that I wasn't 21 and the crap that I was putting in wasn't being processed by a body that was 21 anymore. This film merely put things into perspective.
I love the double whopper. I really like the french fries from LJS. I still love the buzz that I get from an ice cold cola. But that's all stuff that I can't consume in large quantities anymore. Sad really...but I guess that's the price of growing up.

On the other hand, after the movie, I really really wanted to have a burger...drool.


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