Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Deconstructing Gilmore.

Well I'm back again from camp and in an attempt to maintain aforementioned devolving higher order brain functions, I am going to talk about something that's been bothering me about one of my favourite shows on the tele (and now, glorious subtitled DVD).

Gilmore Girls. (Les Femmes au Gilmore, I'm pretty sure that's not right so...)

I'll just get it off my chest now...Lorelai needs a life.
Wow, I have not met a single mom who's been so obssessed over her daughter in my life...(save one...but that's private)
Now, I love the show, (I would argue that with the Whedonverse having disintegrated into nothingness, this would be one of the best shows on TV today...) and I look forward to watching it every week on television, or on DVD <> during meal times, but I watch the show with a constant niggling thought in the back of my mind. I like that the relationship between Lorelai and Rory are so close and the banter has improved so much over the 3 seasons that the show's been on but the relationship borders on obssessive and exclusive to a fault.
I think that there's something mildly sinister in the way that Lorelai's life revolves around Rory and there's an certain non capacity for her to exist without the other. (Illustrated in the season opener of the 3rd season.) I think it's sweet that Lorelai cares so much about her daughter that she places Rory at the center of her life, but the fact that Rory's her raison d'etre makes me feel really sorry for Lorelai...as well as for Rory.
Some see the uplifting bond between mother and daughter...I see a woman desperately in need of finding her own identity...

...and with this I end my post because it's time for my medication that makes the pink elephants go away...
I wish my brain would come back.


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