Friday, April 23, 2004

Playoffs 2004.

The year of the Wolves I think...and I would love to see a playoff finals with the T-Wolves taking on the Nets.
Yes, NBA playoff season's come around again. There's that feeling in the air that's all the more exciting because for the first time in my life, I've got cable! Yay! Unfortunately, I won't be at home to actually catch the stupid live games. Bleagh. I hate school.
I have set my computer to "watch" the live games as they happen on flash so it's alright. The Nets are presently owning the Knicks, although I just realised that the Knicks have a whole number of stars who've fallen into NBA obscurity. Penny, Mutombo and Vin Baker. Wow...These players used to be powerhouses in their time and now they're averaging about a couple of minutes and their contributions are minimal. Scratch that, Penny's at 15 points at the very moment.
Meanwhile, the Lakers are continuing to suck despite the fact that they've got 4 future hall-of-famers on their roster. They have won their two playoff games against the Rockets but the Rockets aren't even contenders for any title this year anyway. The talent heavy Lakers should be dominating this series but so far they're not.
The T-Wolves however seem like they're going to break out of their first round exit curse. They're playing very strong basketball and with the depth of talent on their team, I think that they've got a good chance of taking the western conference title. Well, I think that they'll take the winner of the Kings / Mavs series and probably will give the Spurs / Lakers winners a run for their money.
In the east, the Pacers have managed to take a 2-0 lead in their series against the Celtics. No surprise there. But here's the thing: The Pacers are looking really good right now. Slowly and silently, they managed to take the best record in the league while everyone was looking at the west.
The Pistons and the Bucks are tied at 1 game apiece. One of the best offensive teams against the league's harshest defenders. Interesting matchup.
The Heat and the Hornets...hmmm...did anyone even think that the Heat would make the playoffs in the next 10 years? Surprise surprise. :)
O well...back to the game. Nets leading by a mere 4 points. If Martin makes this next Free Throw, Nets will lead by 5, Knicks possession.
Close game.


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