Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The week in review...or Leftovers make a decent meal.

Watched Hellboy on Thursday night. It was pretty good. Supposedly quite true to the comic and I guess that's a good thing. I just thought it was a movie that was incredibly fun and quite engaging. It had slightly deeper themes of otherness and belonging and morality in choice, but that didn't get in the way of the overall fun aspects of the movie. *coughmatrixtrilogycough*. It's one of the better shows that I've watched this year, ironically watched in the wee hours of Good Friday. Also, you just got to love a hero who's red and has big@$$ horns growing out of his head.

Sprite had shut her blog due to another heckler. Funny and entertaining but irritating enough for her to close down her blog. And it had such a nice title too. Languishing Cat. (Which IMO, looks a little too much like Anguishing Cat) O well. To the heckler who's undoubtably still trolling around, Phhhpt.

The long weekend (HA!) came and went. Last holidays before June...*igh. The software shop has disappeared from C*******. Sad really. I always thought of pirates as people who help to press companies to start lowering their prices. I know that people may actually disagree on this but hey, if someone can sell your program for $5, maybe $300 is a little too pricey? I know that there's all the hidden costs and everything, but I'd sure as heck buy an original which isn't packaged as nicely and didn't really cost a whole lot.

Restarted playing Enemy Territory. Averaging about 5-600 XPs per campaign which is a personal best, considering the fact that I can't shoot to save my life. (ET's a FPS by the way) It's a whole lot of fun and it's a whole lot deeper than Counter Strike or other "just frag the bastards" games. Amazingly enough, I'm actually getting in quite a number of kills. Getting a whole lot better at fragging. Yay!

Watched The OC. When I first heard the title, being the Singaporean post NS male that I am, I thought that it was a TV show about the army. Then I figured that it couldn't be so I thought it was about the CIA. Bleagh. It's a story that I think could be quite good if they don't go the way of Smallville, or what I affectionately call Superman: now with added angst. Good show but for the cuts. The damn cuts. What was really funny was they left the scene where people are snorting coke and cut out something else...hmmm.

Had a gaming session with JL on Sunday and basically got my @$$ handed to me on a silver platter in GGX2:Reload. I am rusty in 'cade games. Finished off with Biohazard: Outbreak. A game that has a ton of potential if only I had a network adapter for my PS2...


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