Friday, April 16, 2004

The Culture of Fear

So I'm here in school with a swollen eye and barely a scrap of a voice. Sad really, considering the fact that I should be at home resting said swollen eye and (war)hoarse voice. And here's the thing, the reason I'm actually in school comes down to a single word. Bureaucrats.
Well actually, to get closer to the actual sentiment, the term would be "f*cking bureaucrats"... throw in a "mother" in the front and you probably have EXACTLY what I feel about them.
Seems like the MFB's have actually managed to piss off a whole number of other Tr's other than I consider myself in extremely good company and have more fuel to add to the fire of my (delusional) revolution that would end up with 2 heads stuck onto spikes on the great gate, a la the Lord of the Flies. I mean talk about great leadership. I've never actually seen such fine examples of leaders who continually manage to dampen the spirits of new (read: under 30) employees. I think that threatening a pregnant lady with "termination of contract" is actually reaching a new low for a mission school.
And it's quite indicative of life nowadays isn't it? Threatening instead of encouraging someone to do their jobs better? I mean geez...firstly, not a good management style and secondly, not biblical.
Speaking of which, the new building should be struck down by lightning of biblical proportions. I mean there should be the smoking letters that spell out "so saith the Lord" on the ground that the building once stood upon, rending it totally worthless for anything else for a thousand years to come...
Yes, I am mad enough that I am trashing the alma mater that I have come to love in the pitifully short time that I was in it.
I'm guessing that the MFB's have taken a page from the management book of Dubya, who in a press conference implied that the other candidate wouldn't be as stringent on the hunting down of "evildoers" in the world.
Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?
That's his platform? Scaring people by creating a boogie man...beware the towel head carrying the backpack. Fear the other. Fear for your safety. Fear fear fear...Geez...It is an effective way of getting reelected I agree...but it's a dirty trick and I hope that enough people see it so that we don't see Dubya coming back.

Life doesn't suck. It's the people who make life hell that make it suck. Life's actually a chocolate eclair. Puffy, light yet filled with delicious cream filling. The MFB's are like the people who suck the insides out, leaving an empty shell that's deflated, mangled and kinda soggy.
To pull a quote completely out of context, "We are the future...not them, they no longer matter."


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