Monday, April 12, 2004


So I got my head vacuumed today.

OK...context: I got my hair cut at QB (Quick Beauty?) at Clementi today. Was walking by the shop and I decided that I'd give it a try. Interesting experience actually. It was one of those 10 minute salon things. I paid my $10 to a machine and I got a card. The card was handed over to the barber who was standing right by the machine as I paid. Hmmm. Anyway, I sat down in a funky chair and then got my hair cut.
For those who haven't sat down in one of these things before, OW! I haven't gotten my hair pulled this badly since the days of S.T. Raju. The hair thinner thing, the one that's a cross between a comb and a pair of scissors, was basically yanking my hair as it snipped...
OK...Well 10 minutes later, or maybe more (at least 3 songs played on the radio), the barber then pulls out this vacuum tube and proceeds to suck the stray hairs off me. I sat there thinking that that was a really good idea that I once had a long time ago. Vacuuming the client. Hmmm.
Then he gives me a comb.

Well, it was interesting and the haircut's not too bad. Plus it's only $10. It's not an Ashley cut...but it'll do for now. I do not get the comb though...I understand that it's hygienic but it's not a thing that I buy and it's definitely something that I don't need...imagine if you got a comb every time you went to a barber...


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