Thursday, April 29, 2004

First Magazine: Scourge of the English Language.

Well the title says it all really. I picked up this month's issue of First magazine to get the cool Hellboy poster and I read it cover to cover. I then proceeded to photocopy an article and threw it to my boys to take a look at. Within 10 minutes, one boy put up his hand and said, "I can't read this. I'm getting a headache."
Yur...Apparently they're paying this Tzang M. dude to write articles that are unreadable because he really has an amazingly poor command in English. And the editor of the magazine isn't earning his keep by picking up on these (glaringly bad) mistakes.
Case in point: "Like a boomerang gone beserk, Blade spins from vampire to vampire, slicing heads and limps off them with all the fantastic vampire-slaying toys he bought." (Not one single typo on my part BTW)

Uhm...*Crickets chirping*...
How many mistakes in that sentence, ignoring the bad analogy?
So I got the boys to do a rewrite. They actually managed to do a better job...and they're all in Secondary 1! I know that it's meant to be a casual read and the language is supposed to be informal in order to make the magazine more easily accessible, but there should be some kind of standard. It's downright insulting when an editor or writer don't bother to live up to an industry (sub)standard that even Today and Streats lives up to.
When you're a movie magazine that spells Laurence Fishburne as Lawrence Fishburne*, and claim that Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series is "Buffy the Vampire TV series", I think that you should pack it in and call it a day. Leave the movies to real film-ites and shut your trap.

*Although L. Fishburne is sometimes credited as Lawrence Fishburne, a quick search will tell you that the official moniker is Laurence with a 'U'.


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