Tuesday, January 29, 2008


4 years ago to the day, I started this blog. It was designed to be my little soapbox on the internet. Push button publishing, they'd advertised, and with the encouragement of Anonymous Noises and a group of GEP students, Empty-Vessels was born.

It's been 4 years and this blog's seen me through many drastic changes in my life. Hopefully it'll see me through another bunch. I realise that I no longer post as much as I used it. It's not that I have less to say. Rather, I often think of things to post about and I start to type it and realise that I'd already posted about that already. In a bid to avoid repeating myself a little too much, I save said post into drafts and, like deadwood on the waves, it's eventually lost in the gradual motion of the posts as they ebb continuously onward.

It's been an...interesting 4 years and I hope that I still have something to say. Hopefully, the 4 years that have passed have filled the Vessel a little more and perhaps that's why it's making less noise today.

Either that or I really should start hollowing out the pipes again just so that the noise flows through. Either way, it's been a great 4 years and I'm looking forward to keeping this going for a whole lot longer.

Meanwhile, I think it's time to look for a new template.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

join wordprss mate. best.

Wed Jan 30, 06:59:00 am 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agred. 4 years seems a long time. we have grown old pal. :)remember cherish my ass? :)

Thu Jan 31, 10:41:00 pm 2008  
Blogger Packrat said...

Cherish our asses. :)

Yeap...gotten older. Not that old really...

Thu Jan 31, 11:38:00 pm 2008  

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