Monday, October 22, 2007

It's nice to know...

...that the moral bastions of Singapore truly think that it's a law that prevents people from becoming homosexual.

Because if we decide to repeal a law, we will just spiral into depravity.

Oh, the humanity!


I think it's especially indicative that the letter header states "we the majority". It's quite comforting that we're sailing in a ship of fools. Meanwhile, the argument from the other side really is a whole lot better that leads me to believe that homosexuals / homosexual sympathizers really are smarter than the average heterosexual / heterosexual sympathizer. Which leads me to think that meritocratically speaking, we really should be run by gay leaders. At least we'll get better arguments out of them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In terms of intelligibility,lucidity and soundness of argument, the pro-repeal camp does hold ascendancy over the anti-repeal camp. Of course, the way the anti-repeal camp dispenses with logic and evidence really highlights the gaping flaws in their own arguments.

But truth be told, no amount of logic is able to convince the religiously-motivated anti-repeal people. While liberal Christians accord more latitude in their views towards homosexuality, conservatives believe that the rules of Bible are immutable. Their views towards homosexuality are uncompromising and resolutely hardline - it is a cardinal sin and will stay that way forever. They refuse to yield to logic but the Bible is their single, most important visceral representation of the world - with the shoulds and shouldn'ts clearly laid out in front of them. To these group of pious devouts, logic cuts no ice. To them, accepting homosexuality is akin to a travesty of their own faith and a complete bouleversement of everything they had believed in since the day they were brought to faith.

So try as we might, its really a wild goose chase. all we can do is to hope that the future generations would not be as bereft of logic as this group of extremists - euphemistically speaking - devouts.

Sat Dec 22, 01:29:00 am 2007  

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