Thursday, March 29, 2007


The one key difference between Singapore and Melbourne? Not once did my pregnant wife have to stand while travelling on public transport in Melbourne. Seats were gladly abandoned for the obviously pregnant lady on trams and trains and offered graciously.

Melbourne: Most livable city in the world. Expensive. Climatic nightmare. Great people.
Singapore: Considerably less livable city. Relatively cheaper. Nice warm climes. Civil savages.

What really is a livable society? Is it one where taxes are lower? Is it one where we have our creature comforts? Our flat screen TVs? Our cheap cable? Broadband in every house? A stable economy? I don't think so. A livable city has to have a heart. And I think that Singapore sold its heart a long time ago for a pretty penny to invest in our future. We've made the cold, calculated gamble and we've won. Or have we? Do we live in the most livable city in the world? Far from it. We're living in the most technologically advanced cesspool in the world and we're drowning in its luxuries. And because we're all drowning, there really isn't too much thought for the people that you step on in order to stay on the top.

Satre said that hell is other people.

He must have been thinking of Singaporeans.

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