Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some observations from the field.

Firstly, one wonders what to make of this...

  • Luving Lionel exemplifies Singaporeans who want to strive for their career without having to sacrifice their time for leisure. Appearing confident and suave, he attracted Sassy Sonia, who then became his girlfriend.
    Every weekend, Luving Lionel gathers Sassy Sonia and his good friends, Critic Crabbie and Macho Meng to splash the 'Merlion' way in Sentosa. Luving Lionel also enjoys globe-trotting and envisages taking Sassy Sonia around the world with him.

  • Sassy Sonia is refined, sophisticated and an epitome of luxury. Her fashion statements are derived from the finest quality of merchandises and Sassy Sonia often sees herself as a fashion stylist. During her free time, she enjoys whipping up local delights such as nasi lemak and chicken rice and, she also scours every corner of Singapore to sniff out the best local delights with her food guru, Critic Crabbie.

  • Critic Crabbie: A food critic who loves to talk and get involved with Singaporeans’ loves and lives. This idealistic and expressive crab hopes to write a book on Singaporeans' issues but before that, her latest mission is to understand Singaporeans’ love for food (and particularly, chilli crabs).

  • Macho Meng is an animal activist and he works as an ambassador of our Singapore Zoological Gardens. He has a vision to protect as many near-extinction animals as he can. Whenever Macho Meng has the time, he would work out at the gym so as to look good for photography sessions with visitors in the Zoo.
If one is wondering why the descriptions above are a little confusing, all this was taken off the website which is slightly different from the version that was pasted on the side of the toy display at Toys 'R' Us at Forum Galleria. In it, it has a slightly more sinister (read: Propagandist) version that they're hoping that little children will read. Then again, when you have a character who "strive[s] [in his] career without having to sacrifice [his] time for leisure" I wonder how many kids are actually listening...

Secondly, 24 hour rain may be bad for the flower business (as well as low lying areas) but it sure makes Singapore a whole lot more tolerable. Lower temperatures = Good. And didn't the gahmen actually solve the flooding problem some time ago...? No? Then perhaps we should reconsider the increase in minister salaries?

Thirdly, this is tres cool and it's all mine! Yes. I have finally gone ahead and replaced my dead Zen Muvo TX (512 MBs) with a Zen Vision M (60GB) and it rocks. Aside from the awesome video (a lifesaver on flights), I have recently discovered (a little late, I know...) the joys of podcasts. I spent some time with the Extremetech editors talking about tech stuff (geek heaven) and I'm presently downloading vodcasts off Oh, the joys of a 60GB player...

Finally, I think the picture speaks for itself.
More than a handful is a waste...

I was thinking of the caption, more than a handful is a waste... :)


Blogger rook said...

huh. a merlion stuffed toy... I never thought I'd see the day.
doesn't STPB have a monopoly on the thing?

Tue Dec 26, 01:20:00 pm 2006  

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