Sunday, July 02, 2006

Why... people bring their infants in to action movies that involve big sounds?

Superman Returns was quite good. Despite the expected fan uproar over certain liberties taken on the Superman character, I liked it. Brandon Routh, although still green in the red and blue, is competent as the man of steel. I'm hoping that he grows into the role. The movie didn't annoy me at all. It was the movie experience. There was a couple that got it in their heads that it would be a great idea to bring their baby into the movie. It was ok for most of the movie because it was loud (The movie, not the baby...) but then again...there's the problem eh? Loud movies + babies = BAD combination.

Perhaps they were hoping to enrich the kid's life from the start. Singaporeans need halogen lamps for their cars?

Is there a certain part of Singapore that doesn't get lit? Is our country that backward that there are still areas of Singapore that are pitch black? Do we need to see 15km in front of us in Singapore? Can anyone tell me why Singaporean cars need headlights that solve all the aforementioned problems?

I was driving home tonight and one of the halogen enabled cars pulled up behind me. Anyone who's had that happen can tell you that it's like being hit by floodlights concentrated onto your corneas, burning a white patch into your cerebral cortex. (Read: It really hurts) A nice parallel would be being tailed by a car with high beams on.

I did it. I let him overtake me and I flipped my high beams on. It was vindictive but at least now, I'm not the only one with bright lights reflecting off my rear view mirror.
He sped off after a little bit of tailing on my part. It was a whole lot less spectacular than it seems. No biggie. It did leave me pondering the questions at the beginning of this part of the rant though.

Anyone have any answers?


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