Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Phone Spam, the Commercialism of Christmas and something unexpected.

Firstly, I'm getting spammed by Singtel. Today, I have received 3 messages (so far) on my work phone stating that I could pay my ERP violations through some online channels, prompting paranoia that I'd somehow or another inadvertently violated some ERP gantry by not inserting my cashcard into the slot...(...something wrong with the second part of that sentence.) And here I thought that phones weren't exactly spammable since SMS's cost money and no one's got that much money to spam people on their phones...uhm...OK. Well, Singtel has all the peanuts to throw around I guess. Aah well, the wonders of modern technology.

Speaking of which...

...Santa Claus is rapping at a Watson's near you. If you really want to annoy the long suffering Watson's staff by melting their brains and causing blood to run out of their ears, pop on down to your local Watson's and squeeze Santa's hand and watch him get bizay in the hizouse. He raps a version of Will Smith's Getting Jiggy with It in his geriatric way about how he's now a hip dude while going all west coast with his hands and grinding to the beat. It's enough to make the most diamond hearted consumerist cry in pain.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Chri$tma$ is around the corner again and Ti$ th€ $€a$on to b€ $p€nding. (Word of advice to anyone who's thinking about getting 50-Cent Santa, recall that singing bass that you bought...that was at least funny for 2 minutes. Then it got annoying. This one lasts 30 seconds before you want to take a power drill to hop Santa's hip...)

And yes, standing beside Santa is Frosty "Ice Cube" the Snowman.

Lastly, this was interesting.


We saw these two men playing chess in Burger King by I.R.C gaming center before our Friday night game. Thought it was rather apt that we were watching a couple of friends get together on a Friday night to game. I had a mental image of The Weekend Widowmakers getting together in our geriatric years to frag in Burger King. Funny, but nice.


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