Thursday, April 21, 2005

Must See TV...

...just dropped into the depths of overwhelming melodrama...
*igh...From a first decent episode of English Singaporean drama, Mediabore has somehow or another managed to wring some copious amount of overacting out of some really decent actors/actresses.

The major lesson learnt from tonight's episode of First Mums:

If one wants to name a kid, one should name a kid a name that they can pronounce! (Timothy should not be pronounced Teemothy)

O's to not putting any trust in Mediabore.

On other TV news: Fann Wong really looks unhealthy. I mean, when did gaunt become the new look? And I mean sickly gaunt...sunken cheekbones and a body that's so stick thin that her head looks like a chupa chup with hair.


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