Monday, April 11, 2005

And I've got nothing to write about...

I realised that it's been about 5 days since my last pseudo post (shyeah...cos a picture of a mouse is considered a post) and I think it's because I've had nothing to write about. There hasn't been anything of consequence to blog so far and there's been absolutely ****all that I've had any opinions about for a bit. So...

*Twiddles thumbs*

I could try to talk about Sunday drivers...(you know the type...) but my heart wouldn't really be in it...but then again, here goes:

Sunday drivers. You know the type. Somehow or another, the regular Singaporean pace of life seems to enter the Dali-heavy-time-zone and slows down to a crawl. Sounds ideal? Not a bit. It only happens on roads. Everywhere else in Singapore, the bustle continues but on the roads, it's molasses. Not only do the Sunday drivers hog the lanes, they make ridiculous decisions like cutting in front of cars travelling at 90 while they're cruising along at 60. It's stupid. It's dangerous and it makes me wish I had ye olde monster truck so I can run them over like the insignificant bugs they are. (I'm sorry, I'm feeling superior tonight...) One wonders why there are so many accidents out there on the road and I guess that's the answer. Too little brains to go around for all drivers.

On a lighter, less irritated side...Wes' place is way cool for LANing. I heard about the studio but never envisioned it as utopia for boyz with toyz. Plus, I've always liked the idea of living in a shophouse that was old (read: traditional) on the outside and new (read: funky) on the inside. It also helped that it was really spacious the way old shophouses are.

Jean Danker make funny joke about film.

Sin City is being released on the 26th of May. Which is weird because Singapore would usually try to release films BEFORE the US to prevent movie piracy...which is a strange concept...unless they thought that Singapore was a hotbed of illegal...movies...uhm...nevermind.

Anyway, I'm theorising that the movie will be delayed because the mindless automatons down at the Ministry of truth (read: censorship board) will be arguing over the ratings.

Mindless Automaton 1: "But it says it's a comic book movie! Shouldn't it be PG-13?"
Mindless Automaton 2: "But there's sex in it. And violence. Comic books are for kids, aren't they?"
Mindless Automaton 3: "Does not compute...Does not compute..."

Meanwhile, as a fan of everything comic, I think that May 26th would be the perfect time to release the movie as it could help to buffer the overwhelming disappointment that is inevitable after Revenge of the Sith releases on the 19th of May. All Star Wars fans should go on a rampage overturning cars and burning George Lucas in effigy for about a week after Sith opens and then dressing in sackcloth and heaping ashes on their head for a month of mourning. Subsequently, all references to Episodes I-III will be erased by the Ministry of Truth* (read: Star Wars Fan/Slash fiction fans) and rewritten...and they shall wait for the second coming. And his name will be Smith. But yes. There will be no better time for a fanboy movie to be released than a week after Sith.
May-June of course is a bumper crop of movies for fanboys (and fangirls)...much to the dismay of my wife. We have, in our lineup:

1) Revenge of the Sith
2) Sin City
3) Batman Begins
4) War of the Worlds

It will be a good 2 months.

Meanwhile, on NBA news. The L.A. Lakers took an early exit led by Kobe "My Team" Bryant and will not be making the playoffs this year. Knew the boy had an ego bigger than his talent.
And I have no sports channels to watch the playoffs on this year! (After refusing to pay the $15 increase in sports channel prices. An increase brought about by football/soccer, that I don't watch...) So, after making my stand, my dignity and I will sit by and watch despondantly as the macromedia ticker tape gives a blow by blow account of games that I will not see...sorta like The Matrix

O well. So much for a small let's hope this loads.

*Note the difference in the truth and the Truth.


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