Monday, April 18, 2005

What's wrong with this picture?

You give a kid a Mac 10, but it's alright because there's a whole bunch of paramedics that can deal with the problem.


You decide to allow smoking on the floor of your dynamite manufacturing company but it's ok because the factory's in the vicinity of some pretty good hospitals and morgues.


You figure it's ok to have a casino...wait...two casinos in Singapore because you've gotten all the religious groups and poor social workers to work even harder than they already are.

The common thread in the three arguments? Someone's got to deal with something that isn't their friggin' problem.

See, I really don't have a problem with a casino or two in Singapore. Personally, I'm going to have a ton of fun checking out those places...Two more places to hang, perhaps even a possibility of going for a movie at Sentosa. I mean, it's all good as far as I'm concerned. Casino = Lousy but cheap food. Nice hotels to stay in perhaps? And imagine the potential for people watching.

Plus, I guess, it creates a ton of jobs. Anyone interested in getting a job'll probably do well to go into social sciences: Counselling as a major perhaps? I dunno. I forsee a big market in that.

Here's my problem: The fact is that our dear government, in typical Singapore style, has made a decision and now expects the country to pick up all the fallout after the caca's hit the fan. Yar...let's get all the religious organisations to clean up our messes...How about taking some f*cking responsibility? They voiced their opinions and you spit in their face.'s like a parent who decides that after years of raising a completely screwed up kid, it's the teacher's problem to sort out the mess. I mean, if you have registered your protest over an issue, you should be excused from dealing with the crap that follows it.

I think that's the way that society should work. You register your vote and if your vote gets pissed on, you are completely excused from responsibility from the fallout. Kinda like if you didn't vote for George W. Bush, you should be excused from Iraq completely. People who did vote for GWB should be taxed extra to pay for his war.

It's called taking bloody responsibility...Consequences. They come. So, you know what? If we get problem gamblers in Singapore, we should leave them with MPs who decided to open these casinos. How about those pricks taking care of their shit once in a while?


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