Thursday, March 17, 2005


Notebook: Purrrty.
Setting up wireless network connection? : Downright Fugly.

After 4 days of false starts and false hopes, the wireless network is finally online...for more than 20 minutes...Arrrgh! Geez. This after much fiddling, pleading, begging, cajoling and much tech support harrasin'. Stupid MAC address filtering...O well...the problem was solved finally when I managed to get the network secure and disabled MAC address filtering. It seems that all things Mac are really a bane to me.

Well...I am finally online and ready to blog from the living room.

Update number 1:
The new teaching ads
"How big is your classroom?"
  • Sounds like bad sexual innuendo that students who sleep with their teachers could whisper surreptitiously to the object of their desire. (Both sexes apply)
  • It shows people climbing, ending with a shot of what I assume to be Everest...(Shyeah, like a Singaporean will ever scale Everest)
  • You could juxtapose the headlines of teacher-student "affection" against the tagline: Nurture.
Update number 2:
People who use their mobile phones in the cinema right after the ads that tell them to turn their phones to silent come on.

Caught In Good Company (which by the way is a great show...) on Monday night and right when the film company logo flashed on the screen, some idiot girl right behind us gets a call. She's not a total idiot, her phone was turned to silent...I didn't hear the ring. But here's the thing, right at the point in time, with the opening credits rolling, she begins to hold a bloody conversation with her caller! It goes on for another 2 minutes before she whispers, "I'm in a movie." which I thought would end the conversation but she continues on talking! I'm pretty amazed at this point in time and up to the point that she stops talking, I'm plotting out a new "shoot on sight (or hearing as may be the case)" campaign for people who talk on their mobile phones in the cinema.
It doesn't stop there however.
She gets another call and starts a whole new conversation mid movie.
At this point in time, I feel like reaching over and beating her to death with her mobile phone. No loss really...does not have the common sense of a gnat. Can die also won't really matter.

Geez, one would have thought that growing to that age (about 20 plus) would have instilled some sense of manners or thoughtfulness...Guess this is why Singaporeans really can't stand each other and end up marrying expats or Vietnamese brides.

Update Number 3:
This is someone who's well on his way to buying a carving knife and becoming the next Adrian Lim...Or Buffalo Bill for that matter. About 11 cans short of a six pack.

I just found this blog off Chick's comments section. Very disturbed individual. I mean really. If you get down to the bit where he talks about women as whores, you realise that this person is about a half step shy of buying his own collection of torture equipment and going on a rampage. OK ladies and gentlemen, you've heard it here first...this could be Singapore's next big serial killer.

And I'm done. For now. I apologise for the tardiness of the update and the underdeveloped nature of the pieces but it's been a while and with my network woes...It's just not been very pretty. Anyway, we have returned to our regular scheduled programming.


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