Friday, February 18, 2005

The Dark Knight Returns...

...and thank the powers that be that Arnie does not get top billing. (We all remember Batman and Robin Starring ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER AS MR FREEZE and also starring georgeclooneychriso'donnellaliciasilverstone et al. )
Instead, they seem to have lined up a stellar British cast without the pomp or the ego. Christian Bale takes on the mantle of the bat and I would like to say that so far, it seems to exhibit a certain understatement that was severely lacking in aforementioned sequel. As far as I know, Batman Begins is based on Frank Miller's Batman: Year One graphic novel...which is a good sign because, and I'm on the verge of sounding like a rabid fanboy, Frank Miller Rocks! His work on Batman has become canonical and brought a franchise that was in danger of falling into the pit of campiness (thank you Adam West) back to life.
I know that I may be setting myself up for a big fall here, I mean I'm hyping myself up about 4 months in advance but I'm hoping that BB rises to the challenge of Miller-esque proportions...It must be able to breathe some life into the franchise that was dragged back into said pit of camp (Thank you Joel Schumacher). Only time will tell if my faith will be crushed like a cockroach or lifted on wings like Kotex.

When I get home and get my flickr password (cos I seem to have forgotten it) I shall upload the iconic image of my faith...


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