Sunday, March 13, 2005

This is me, Unwired.

I am blogging from the living room. Well...actually, I am blogging while lying beside the sewing machine (on the floor) and blogging from my spanking new Acer Travelmate 8102wLCI. Before we get into the "why Acer?" questions, I will answer: 128mb ATI Radeon x700. Other than that? DDR2 SDRAM. 1.73mhz FSB and a whole lot of kick@$$ on a Sonoma platform.
Plus it works very well with the spanking new wireless connection (after some initial hiccups that involved the realigning of all my cables under my table. :)

For all the others who are techie illeterate: Notebook purrrrty. working off tuitions to pay it back.

By the way, for all the students reading my blog...this is what I have to do to bring IT lessons into my class...*igh. StupidlowbudgetITfundinschool...bah!

And one would have thought that this would mean that I would have SO much less to carry to Terz's for LAN parties...unfortunately, with the addition of one more player (shout out to G-man) I still have to bring my rig. (which I have affectionately named "Boxer") I think that this pretty thing should be called "Clover" then...


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