Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Cardiac Arrest...but it's worth it.

This is a Thresherman's Bakehouse breakfast.
Let's start with the least of the artery clogging foods.
On the right side you have the Minestrone Soup with a serving of bread and a half eaten sausage roll. The soup is self service so like the standard protocol is to scoop up as much veges as possible before you actually scoop in the soup, hence the spillage. Nothing like hot soup on a cold winter's day I say.
On the bottom of the left hand side, we have your standard focaccia sandwich stucked chock full of lettuce, cheese plus assorted meats. Normal. Huge, but normal.
The top right hand side's the kicker. This is heart attack central. It's a dish called the "Farmer's Breakfast"...of course, no self-respecting farmer would have this for breakfast unless he wanted to have a stroke while milking the cows. (Note, that farmers that I talked to actually have a sensible breakfast that consists of cereal and a good sandwich...carbing up for the day ahead.) [Yes, Carbohydrates has become a verb]
This artery clogging monstrosity (or heaven on a dish...depending on which way you go with it...) consists of grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, bacon (yes, that's the pink meat you see at the bottom of the plate), sausage slices (Bright red with flecks of juicy fat), two slices of toast marinated with thee grease of two fried eggs and just to balance it, spinich. See how the food on the plate glistens...
That said, it's a pure taste explosion that leaves you in a daze for hours after...drool.
Anyone heading down to Melbourne should check this place out. Thresherman's Bakehouse is one of the nicest places to have breakfast and the atmosphere is totally casual...talk about a place to really kick back and watch the world go by.

Plus, it's close enough to the hospital in case of cardiac arrest.


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