Sunday, October 31, 2004

Quick Updates.

I realised that it's been about 10 days since I blogged and I'm quite behind on all my writing. So here goes...
It's Halloween!
School's officially ended for the last day of "teaching" was Friday but almost all of it was taken up by the filming of GEPers Creepers, a 7:46 minute short film by my Secondary 1 students. (Kevin Low's debut as director + a great effort on the part of 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14...special kudos to D. Kyle Lexmond, technical whiz kid who pulled a 4 hour editing job to get the film done by Saturday.) GEPers Creepers was a success in it's own right and much laughter was heard across the CPA. It also prompted a whole slew of "How do GEPs breed?" questions from certain (female)GEP students from a school of white uniforms and red words...(Repressedmuch?)
My sendoff by the Secondary 1 department was meaningful...I am leaving in good company. A teacher who has been there for 24 years is leaving for a higher calling...It's sad to see her go. She's been an icon and the school's losing a teacher with a true heart for the kids. I got a t-shirt. :)
Staff dinner was a bust. I couldn't stay in the presence of certain cackling individuals who were mostly hair and all ass (being named after one) so I went for drinks with Anoises. I had a Corona and he had a Kilkenny draught. I arrived about an hour and a half late and left with a Moulinex steam iron and a water bottle, courtesy of HSBC and a mind for useless information about music. Nice to know that I know the Matrix theme well enough.
The public speaking competition was a success thanks to Meu and the kids. They really worked the things to perfection. Like I said, video was a hit.
Saddest part of yesterday was saying goodbye to the kids. I've known them a year and I can say that I'll really miss them.


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