Sunday, January 08, 2006

Let's see if this sounds vaguely familiar...

This is in response to the, let's face it, IDIOTS, who, following a bunch of bad experiences (None of which I condone, mind you...) at this year's New Year's Eve countdown party on Orchard road, decided that it was time to ban foreign workers from all public functions.

Let's see, we've got:

  1. A bunch of bat eggs within a minority group causes trouble at a social arena.
  2. The media blows the whole issue up into a frenzy.
  3. The majority decides that the entire minority group should no longer have access to said social arena.
  4. ...What's the next step? Hmmm...
It's disgusting. And I'm not talking about the perpetrators of the spray and grope incidents. Ban foreign nationals from parties? What's next? Whites Singaporeans only beaches? It's ridiculous. Just because of a few bad eggs, we're going to exclude the whole bunch of them? There have also been suggestions by certain members of the community to send them all back from where they come from...But here's a newsflash to the uninformed or the plain stupid:

They're here.

They build our roads. Upgrade our flats. Muck out our drains. Pretty much do everything that we don't want to do just so that we don't have to. Most of them are hardworking people who keep their heads down and just get by to send money home to their families.
The few bad ones? Well, let's just say that there are bad Singaporeans too...should we ban Singaporeans from our parties? (Heck, I think we should...)

What really infuriates me is knowing that these are probably the exact same Singaporeans who, while the Aussies were beating up people of Middle Eastern descent, were going "tsk tsk, how horribly racist..."

Talk about your double standards.


I guess that all I can say is this:

Women, please be more careful at parties. There are idiots out there, foreign or not. And guys, please make it a point to avoid being morons.

And people, please look out for each other.
It's bad enough that these incidents happened. It's worse to think that hardly anyone got caught. Massive crowds. People ALL AROUND. People, open your eyes and start caring about the person next to you!


Blogger rook said...

good call.

Mon Jan 09, 01:16:00 am 2006  

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