Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The best things in life are threes...

...Or: Another photo update of 3 shots.

This was an interesting shot taken by shooting severely underexposed. ~4 stops down. But I like the effect. The end of Acland Street and the end of a long day. Also the last time that we would see St Kilda till we return to Melbourne. I like the sign though. Sort of a "come back and see us soon" feel to it...

IMG_1352 (Small)

Another shot of the night market. Once again, purposely underexposed.

IMG_1344 (Small)

Lastly, a shot while the plane flew through some storm clouds. Sadly, this was the only shot that turned out half decent. Also reflected the mood of the photographer as we returned from Melly.

IMG_1420 (Small)

Will try to upload pics as I go along sorting them out. I'll see what gems I can find.

Till then, Ta.


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