Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Much ado about falling snow.

I was watching CNA last night when Xiaxue (which the dude narrating pronounced as Siah Suay har har) appeared to comment about how Podcasting was a vastly inferior byproduct of blogging. Watching this rather (lianishly) pretty girl on TV, I realised something that I sorta guessed upon glancing at her blog...there's not a lot there. I'm sorry to say that the most popular Singaporean blogger is, sadly, getting by on her looks and little else. Either that or our society is way more insipid than I give it credit for. Either way, the Blogosphere is in more danger than just an attack by governmental authorities (read: the overly sensitive PAP[smear]).

There's a rather interesting phrase by Neil Postman, "Amusing Ourselves to Death" that sticks out rather strongly when I think about phenoms like our lady of snow. The draw of the media eventually is about style over substance...image over information...a surface without depth. All the while, people get caught up with the hype and the glamour and they become dazzled by the pretty pink pictures. I liked the Blogosphere because it lent a voice to the voices of resistance and added reason where there usually is none. It allows the every(wo)man to make some noise. But then again, I realise that the majority of the noise is white. And it's very deafening.

I am not knocking Xiaxue or bloggers of her ilk. (Admittedly, this rant may be a little motivated by Blog Envy.) They are what the people choose to tune in to. It's no biggie. It's just disturbing that at the end of the day, people would rather eat cotton candy than something more substantial. I guess that living in a society that doesn't encourage a lot of thinking, it's exactly the taste that people will develop.


Her blog's simply titled "Why are you worshipping the ground I blog on?"

Truthfully, I'm not.


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