Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bloggin' in Memphis.

Well...not exactly. We're coming to you live from KL Mariott. After a 5 hour drive (with two short stretch breaks in between...and none of us actually went to the toilet) and a battle of wills with a stupid Malaysian customs (or kustoms) officer which ended with my defeat, we arrived without any mishaps. We saw 2 major accidents (1 car smash up and a truck that apparently plowed into the back of a car) and thankfully were not involved in any of them.

Anyway, we're here after a really heavy Coca buffet lunch that involved actually leaving nothing in the soup (an amazing achievement). Presently awaiting the B and CY to go have dinner at Jln Alor. Roadside hawker food, here we come! BTW, there actually may be a second shot at durians. (BTW: Tym: Sated that night? ...not really left me craving more...)

NEways. That's about it for now. Later.


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