Monday, May 10, 2004

Pack(rat)ing list.

Well...since my esteemed cousin has begun her packing list, I'll start on mine.

1) Ventolin Inhalers. 1 for the main luggage and 1 for the travel pack.
2) Bermudas. (Hopefully the weather stays at a fantastic 26 degrees, otherwise my legs'll turn into popsicles.)
3) My trusty Giodarno cargos.
4) T-shirts galore...unfortunately my list of t-shirts that don't smell bad grows thin.
5) Underwear...I think that the 2nd will be laundry day.
6) Socks. (See point 5...although I doubt I'll be wearing shoes too much during the school holidays...)
7) Boots. I've got to decide which ones I'm going to present work boots, which are comfortable but should be saved for work I guess...or my heavy boots...hmmm.
8) Sandals.
9) Basketball shoes (?) I'll be in Canada and Seattle. Maybe I can get my arse kicked by someone other than Singaporeans and Aussies.
10) Basketball gear (?) (See point 9.)
11) My Timberland fleece thingy that tends to charge me with enough static to blow a wig off a person, x2
12) My Adidas sunnies.
13) A pair of wrinkle free khakis for more "formal" dinners.
14) Some shirts.
15) Some CD's to listen to on the drive to and from Seattle. Presently compiling road trip music.

That's right off the top of my head. Hopefully I'll remember more when I get to packing point. I am in da zone! Yay! Also will be heading to the PC show on the 3rd to look for a Laptop for M. Hopefully I'll find something I want...Muvo TX...drool...

Meanwhile, my kids are taking their Lit papers. Muahahahaha.


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