Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Point of Interest:

"Companies are recruiting Internet 'community moles' to plug their products and services, with one aim: To deceive Internet users into believing that these word-of-mouth reviews come from genuine buyers - and then into buying their wares."

Yes, he will certainly be retained unless he served NS. But as a parent or actually your boy, you should take the initiative to find out, before making decision not to serve. Anyway serving NS is not that bad, in fact is experience of lifetime before going to the working adult world for next 40 years."

"What to do? Singapore needs to maintain good relationship with its neighbors and ensure that its people do not fight among themselves due to race or religion, something westerners do not understand. It is so easy to imagine we Asians (Chinese, Indian, Malay, Japanese, Koreans and of course middle-east) willing to kill and die to protect their race or religion. Moreover Singaporeans live in such close proximity from each other.
Harmony can never be established if Singapore allows the Press to write trash like they do in the West, then they can only hold together with Law and guns. Just look at US post-Katrina."

Singapore is already well-known for being strict in implementing its law and order, and that is the secret for keeping the place clean, discipline and corruption free. Many other countries especially with corrupted government and business practices are ‘flexible’ in implementing its laws that people can get away by pretending to be ignorant, sympathy or negotiate with some tokens. This practice has made Singapore a safe and easy place for everyone especially western foreigners to setup business & commerce, raise their families, and go for social visit or vacation. Singaporeans are very lucky nation of people in Asia to enjoy equality and freedom, independent of their sex, race and religion.

And I got all this when I was looking for the author of this:

Singapore is a very small, crowded place and is very difficult to hide things, and even if possible, not for very long. I think our system in dealing with the Press is very good, giving them the responsibility to validate what they report. And our government knowing that the people want more transparency, effectiveness and power of Internet, implemented discussion sessions, Feedback.gov.sg and even email to PM & ministers. And because our Press can be judged and brought to trial, we get downfall of old NKF. The government move fast to fix the problem.

I believe that we have found a mole. But instead of trying to get us to buy into a product, they're selling "Singapore"...

Oy vey.


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