Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Observations from today.

1) Girls really need to find jeans that their butts fit in. I mean actually fit in. And by fitting in, I mean not the cup runneth over fit. (Unless I am sadly mistaken and the plumber crack look is in nowadays)

2) A female student's been playing A3 online. She was trying to describe the latest weapon that she had acquired.
~Student "It's a bow for my archer but you fire it like a gun..."
~Male student "A crossbow?"
~Student "Uhm..."
~Me "You do realise that crossbows fire at a slower rate because of the reload time right?"
~Student "But it was more expensive, so it had to be better."

Meanwhile, I'm wondering why the heck our education system didn't give students a basic breakdown of medieval integral set of information that will allow you to exist in today's society...

3) Photoshop's a lot more complicated than it looks. Will be finishing up the Objectifs basic course tomorrow by learning how to work the basics. (Hopefully)

4) If you take a look at the ads for Mr and Mrs Smith at the Orchard underpass leading up to Tangs, you'll realise that Angelina Jolie is shot in softer focus than Brad Pitt.

5) Durian paste in a martini glass looks awesome.

Apologies for the lack of consistent updates. Ironically, I seem to be updating less than I do during term time. *igh.



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