Sunday, January 30, 2005

A few thoughts from Neverland...

1) The Carlsberg people who sit back to enjoy a beer and are interrupted by the gazillion neighbours that happen to be drinking the same beverage? They don't look very happy at all...
2) Who sits on the bed on the wedding night and has a tall pilsner of beer with their spouse?! (In their wedding garb too...) I always thought there was something immensely wrong with that picture. Beer, not exactly the choice for the romantic wedding night...
3) Disney is flogging the Pooh franchise to death...I pity the poor toy animals. They should join a union.
4) Risis has made some really strange David Lynch type ad where, in one rather memorable vignette, the girl falls face first onto the ground...Weird.
5) Finding Neverland, despite it's clunky ending, was infinitely better than a certain putrid 1998 best picture Oscar winner with a similar plot of a playwright and his muse.

Meanwhile, it's 1:23am and I need to go to sleep.


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