Wednesday, September 15, 2004

So I'm here doing buggerall...

...despite having some catch up work to do. But here I am...the great procrastinator...
The week's been crazy. Mad. Insane. Yet at the same time calming in a real surreal kind of way. I've got it down to September break blues. See, the 1 week break in September was never nor ever will be a break. It's a small floodgate, a thin wall in a dam that's struggling to hold back the tide of insanity. The tide's been building for about 3 terms by now and the week in September is just to let it ebb a little before the madness that is term 4 truly begins.
In the September break, it's a whole week of 'suppose to's. It's supposed to be a week of rest. I didn't rest because I was worried about work. It's supposed to be a week of work. I didn't really work because I wasn't rested. It was like a whirlpool that swirls around and around until it sucks you kicking and screaming into a brand new term...and then your eyeballs fall out of your head.
There's a tension in me and also an's weird, like a coiled spring that's so rusted over that when it's released, it just lets out a sigh and creaks before it gives up the ghost.
O well.
I was listening to the commentary track for Hellboy and wow. It's amazing how enthusiastic Del Toro and Mignola (sounds like mignon) are in this DVD. They just about gush over the work and they sound like they're still having fun with this film. Amazing. It's tempting to actually get the DVD and also the director's cut when it's released in November. (Which comes with a new commentary track... coolness...) If any of you haven't realised by this point, I LOVE DVDs.
What prompted this sudden update of my recently neglected blog? Well it's simple really:
I'm sitting here doing buggerall.


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