Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Complete Waste of Thyme.

Well, the school holidays are upon us again...and I've completed absolutely nothing in terms of fruitful work. I have, however, managed to receive some rest that has been interrupted by the guilt of not having done anything. I hate term 3.
On to another interesting (read: Pathetic) National Education attempt on the part of the baby desperate Singapore government. It's a nauseatingly bad propaganda video called "Let's make time for our family..."
For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a video that's being shown on channel 5. We caught it on video worming its way in between Witchblade and Gilmore Girls. (A fair choice, considering the family orientedness of the aforementioned GG) It opens with a montage that features families...
"Awwww..." some may say.
"KkkkrrrrPui..." says I.
I haven't seen this much propaganda since National Day...and even then it wasn't as pukeworthy as this. Everybody's playing happy families...PAP rules of course:

There's dad who's taking time to play with his kids even when he's got no paternity leave...It's cool...because dad couldn't possibly be that important to the kids. He's just there to fly a kite with the kid, plus he's the one who donated the sperm...unless it was the newspaper guy who boned his wife while he was at work trying to keep up the living expenses.
There's mom, who's there as a supportive complement to dad. She's happy because she just got one more month to spend with her newborn baby. That's 2 months and 27 days more than dad so she's pretty grateful. She's there because she didn't get rostered to work Saturdays. Good for her. She's also got all these kids because there's a pretty good monetary reward because Junior's the reason why she's got heavy tax relief off a paycheck that doesn't come up to as much as dad's cos she doesn't have a p*n*s.
There's junior...and junior and junior and junior. They seem to be playing happily with a dad they don't see much in the week. They're actually whiling away a weekend trying to forget that there's school on Monday and homework owing. They should have finished it before this to clear the weekend for family day...which they hate anyway, because mom and dad can't make enough time in the week for every one of their needs. They'd rather be with auntie Lisa who they see more every day of the week anyway but she's not in the picture because she's in Lucky Plaza with her real friends.
There's the grandparents who are wondering why the hell they got dragged in to take care of brats who are disrespectful and complete knuckleheads who wouldn't know a top if it walked up to them and smacked them down a bit. They're also wondering why they aren't on vacation in the Bahamas since their own brats have been cursed by the universal mothers' curse. (Just wait till you have your own kids...)

I felt unclean after watching that drivel. Ugh...
Anyways, this post can be chalked up to something I remember from a far side comic: It was late and I was tired.


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