Monday, March 09, 2009

Tenuous at best.

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Blogger Caleb Liu said...

This is totally and utterly ridiculous. Articles like this want to make me explode. I should sue the ST for causing me to suffer from a raised blood pressure and increased risk of suffering a brain aneurysm.

Allan was a school mate of mine at ACS(I). To try and shoehorn his tragic death (and those of the other two individuals) to computer games is irresponsible, pathetic and downright insulting.

Rest in peace, Allan.

Mon Mar 16, 06:46:00 am 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm one of the persons quoted in this story. I'm quite appalled at the unprofessionalism displayed coz :
1. They got my name wrong
2. I believe the reporter who interviewed me, by the name of 'Winnie' was not even listed as one of the writers of this story (unless she goes by another name)
3. I gave more complete and balanced view of the whole incident, only my most extreme view was taken and out of context of what I stated. i.e. I was quoted out of context.

This was a phone interview and in essence what I said was :
- I spoke to a Nanyang Polytechnic lecturer recently and he gave a good analogy : driving. Driving itself, isit bad? So for drunk driving and hit and run incidents, do we then say that driving is bad and people shouldn't drive?
- I dunno the full story but so many factors could have lead to this NTU 'stabbing incident'. It might not be fair just to blame the gaming.
- For example there was this story about a gamer who died 'after playing DOTA' a few months back. The thing is, he fainted on his mahjong table the day before, so why was gaming blamed and not mahjong?
- As an association, our aim is make more positive and meaningful engagements with gamers and one of the things is to get families to understand and engage the gamer better to prevent isolation.
- there are so many gamers in Singapore. If playing games make you violent and do violent things is true, then why do most of the other gamers turn out ok and normal?

Anyways, there was this story about a boy who committed suicide over his CCA. In the same argument, can we say that CCA is bad and to be blamed? Reference story :

Thu Mar 19, 03:30:00 am 2009  
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