Thursday, June 23, 2005

Day of strange sightings.

...Actually not. But there were 3.

1) Firstly, caught on camera: Attack of the Killer Durian Puffs.


Yes, that is a full sized fork. And a glass of water beside it to add to the perspective.

2) Also caught on camera, a man (owner of the store that we had dinner at tonight (Chilli crab courtesy of Tym who got us all drooling over her description of cracking shells etc...) talking to a couple who's showing said man some pages of women inclusive of photos and write ups. We thought that they were talking about buying brides but then the woman asked him about his wife. The plot thickens...


Each page comes with a mug shot as well as a full figure shot of each girl.

3) (No picture because by the time we got back, they'd already kept their laptops...) Two ladies at the back of a station wagon surfing the net on some unsuspecting person's unsecured wireless network. Thought it would make the perfect picture because they were lit with a blue glow against the darkness of the street but missed the shot.

This last shot was taken sometime in May.

Who would've thought?



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