Saturday, June 11, 2005

Updates: The Cliff Notes.

As most have probably heard about our rather interesting and gut wrenching (literally) fishing trip, plus the interesting week we've had travelling to and from Indonesia, I will not reiterate the samesaid points except that I'm really sorry that I decompressed the fish. It was sad and it was disgusting and I wish that I had been a little more clued into the fact that I did indeed have a fish on my line. I felt like a barbarian. *igh. Poor batfish. (Batman Begins soon BTW)

Bintan was interesting because I was KO'ed with gastric flu (a condition that I've never experienced before and never wish to again because of the discomfort and the throwing up) followed by an athsma attack that lasted two days and culminated in a 4am doctor's housecall. Ugh. I've forgotten what a bane athsma is.

Aside from that, it's been ok for a while. Sorry for the long absence and I will be back to posting glory in a bit. Today, I'm dogproofing the house. Molly's coming in today. (We're fostering her for the moment.)



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