Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Road Trip Music.

I'm presently taking in ideas on music to burn onto CD's for a long drive. Well...long enough anyway.
Preferably songs that aren't too fast paced (due to the report that I read saying that listening to The Prodigy and other techno-rock bands tend to result in more accidents...or might incur the wrath of the wife which will end up in an accident of a different sort) or too slow (the report also stated that people who listened to Nora Jones tended to get into less accidents...but that'll just put me to sleep) so I'm looking for songs that are just right.
I googled road trip music but the hits that I got didn't really help. Either that or they were from bands I never even heard of...So no go there. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking U2 meets Dire Straits.


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