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Moronism Part 132456565477976876..................

Could we BE more full of ourselves? To hate someone, one has to care enough to do so. Singapore certainly disturbs "Westerners" due to the (perceived) lack of freedoms here, certainly. They tend to tut-tut the continual use of the death penalty. They admonish us for the ridiculous political process here that is constantly skewed toward keeping the incumbents in power. All that is true. But HATE?


One has to assume that the author is trying to cash in on the fact that Singaporeans will be at their most patriotic and ride the waves of fervour to carry her argument. It does. Perhaps. In her creation of an imaginary "us" versus "them" divide, she really does make us seem a whole lot more than a mere blip on the radar of the world. But only barely.

Singapore has had questionable practices. But the world has never hated Singapore as a whole. In fact, that illusion of unity really is illusory. There is no unity in the Singapore that Chua seems to imagine exists. The "Singapore" that the world (read: Western world) has been uncomfortable with is "the Singapore Government" (otherwise known as the neo-colonists). They are the ones that the Western media targets (if they feel bothered to actually think about writing a piece on it) not us. And to lump us all together to try to get us to feel defensive towards (or possibly even enraged by) these accusations really is ridiculous.

These Westerners are amazed the same way I would be amazed by a person who has come out of North Korea who has a semblance of articulation within him/her. A person who could speak about ideas of freedom or rights despite the fact that he/she has grown up under the tyranny of a dictatorship. Similarly, I'd be as amazed at a three headed monkey but it's not the same as saying that I hate the place it's from. It's curiousity not about the product, but the very fact that the product exists despite the assumption that it shouldn't.

Chua tars us all with the same brush and Singaporeans should really think twice about accepting what she's saying. We are not one. We are two. Or three. Or a hundred. We are multi-faceted and we are diverse. And the West really doesn't have a problem with that. What Singaporeans should start scrutinising is the the one thing that they DO have a problem with and ask ourselves if we do too.

Aug 9, 2008
Why they hate Singapore
Western detractors are getting the jitters as others copy our model
By Chua Lee Hoong
SINGAPORE is small enough to be a suburb in Beijing, but it has something in common with the mammoth People's Republic. The little red dot and Red China are both countries the West loves to hate.

There are those who wish bad things to happen to the Beijing Olympics. Likewise, there are those who have had it in for the Lion City for years.

What's eating them? The easy answer is that both China and Singapore are authoritarian states. The freedoms taken for granted in the West - freedom of speech and assembly - come with more caveats in these two places.

But things are not so simple. There are plenty of authoritarian states around, but most do not attract as much attention as Singapore and China.

The real sin: Singapore and China are examples of countries which are taking a different route to development, and look to be succeeding.

Success grates, especially when it cocks a snook at much-cherished liberal values.

As Madam Yeong Yoon Ying, press secretary to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, said last month: 'Singapore is an example to other countries of how the free market plus the rule of law, and stable macro-economic policies, can lead to progress and success, but without Western-style 'liberal' democracy.'

Don't believe her words? Read these lines from British journalist John Kampfner, writing in The Guardian last month, lamenting the spread of what he calls the Singapore model.

'Why is it that a growing number of highly-educated and well-travelled people are willing to hand over several of their freedoms in return for prosperity or security? This question has been exercising me for months as I work on a book about what I call the 'pact'.

'The model for this is Singapore, where repression is highly selective. It is confined to those who take a conscious decision openly to challenge the authorities. If you do not, you enjoy freedom to travel, to live more or less as you wish, and - perhaps most important - to make money. Under Lee Kuan Yew, this city-state built on a swamp has flourished economically.

'I was born in Singapore and have over the years been fascinated by my Chinese Singaporean friends. Doctors, financiers and lawyers, they have studied in London, Oxford, Harvard and Sydney. They have travelled across all continents; they are well-versed in international politics, but are perfectly content with the situation back home. I used to reassure myself with the old certainty that this model was not applicable to larger, more diverse states. I now believe this to be incorrect.

'Provincial governments in China send their brightest officials to Singapore to learn the secrets of its 'success'. For Russian politicians it too provides a useful model. These countries, and others in Asia and the Middle East are proving that the free market does not require a free society in which to thrive, and that in any battle between politics and economics, it is the latter that will win out.'

Mr Kampfner seems in a genuine intellectual funk. He cannot quite understand why otherwise normal, intelligent Singaporeans would trade certain freedoms for economic progress, and accept the Singapore political system for what it is.

But perhaps he has got the wrong end of the stick. The problem lies not in the Singaporeans, but in his own assumptions. Namely: If you speak English, if you are well-educated and well-travelled, you must also believe in Western-style democracy. They are a package.

I was on the receiving end of similar assumptions when I was in the United States in 1991-1992. When Americans asked me, 'Why is your English so good?', often it was not out of admiration but bewilderment. Their next question revealed all: 'Why then do you (i.e. your Government) ban chewing gum?'

Another telling indicator of Western assumptions about Singapore comes from a remark by Singapore's Ambassador to Washington, Professor Chan Heng Chee, who went to the US at the tail end of the Michael Fay saga.

One year into her posting there, in 1997, she arranged for a retrospective of the late choreographer Goh Choo San's works. Her Washington audience was awed.

'People suddenly remembered Choo San was a Singaporean. They may have known about Goh Choo San, but to connect him with Singapore was not so obvious for them,' she said.

Sub-text: World-class choreography does not fit their image of a country with corporal punishment.

So the real difficulty for the West is this: We are so like them, and yet so not like them. We speak, dress, do business and do up our homes very much the same way as them. Yet when it comes to political values, we settle - apparently - for much less.

One observer draws an analogy with Pavlovian behavioural conditioning. So conditioned have Westerners become to associating cosmopolitan progress with certain political parameters, they do not know how to react when they encounter a creature - Singapore - that has one but not the other.

So they chide and berate us, as if we have betrayed a sacred covenant.

Adding to the iniquity is the fact that countries - rich and powerful ones too, like Russia and the Gulf states - are looking to the Singaporean way of doing things to pick up a tip or two.

I can imagine the shudders of Singapore's Western detractors should they read about a suggestion made by Mr Kenichi Ohmae this week.

In an interview with Business Times, the Japanese management consultant who first became famous as author of The Borderless World, said Singapore should 'replicate' itself in other parts of the world.

What he meant was that Singapore should use its IQ, and IT prowess, to help organise effective economies in other regions, as its own had succeeded so well.

To be sure, his reasoning was economic, not political. But for those who hate Singapore, a Pax Singaporeana would be something to work against and head off.

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Anonymous AntiCancer said...

It is common sense articulation that I read on line which gives hope to Singaporeans that there is more than enough talent in the country to replace people like Chua Lee Hoong and more importantly replace the grossly overrated members from the PAP.
When the oldfart goes, Singapore will be better for it, and trash like Chua and all those ball-carriers should follow him to his grave.

Fri Aug 15, 01:45:00 am 2008  
Anonymous TL77 said...

For argument's sake, perhaps we could even accept that the current Sg system has indeed worked well. But will it continue to do so? The fact that someone has said it has already speaks volumes in itself.

Fri Aug 15, 02:40:00 am 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now, what's going to happen to us without barbarians?
They were, those people, a kind of solution.

Waiting for the Barbarians
C.P. Cavafy

Sat Aug 23, 11:25:00 pm 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After 2 years of living in that atrocious crap hole of a country, I was excited to get out. It’s a cesspool full of horrible low class people who have absolutely no culture at all. They are, without a doubt the filthiest, most disgusting people on the planet, TAKE A DAMN SHOWER you animals, sorry that is unfair to animals, and they have better hygiene and social skills, including cockroaches, than Singaporeans do.
The worst part is its not even their government it those filthy disgusting pigs that are the problem, if they killed all the Singaporeans, it would actually be a decent place.
It’s a known fact that cities attract the low class people, so what to do if your country is just one city? Well guess what, your whole country is low class. Walk down any street and you see these things, which have know Idea how to behave wandering around like they rule the world, YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT, you useless pile of vile fecal matter. Yes, I think that will be my new term for Singaporeans: useless pile of vile fecal matter or UPVFM, they can call their completely inappropriate behavior kiasu if they want, I call it being a scum bag ASIAN BORN CHINESE, because it is the same exact inappropriate behavior that the mainland Chinese use.
Listen you retarded UPVFM, at least the mainland Chinese have an excuse, they have been locked up and sheltered for 50 f@#$ing years, and you lie to the world and say you are the best of east vs west, you are not. You are a pathetic excuse for Homo sapiens; maybe LKY was right you all obviously did come from China’s worst stock、WOW! Think about it you are the undesirables, of a nation of undesirables. You should be so proud of yourselves……..
I not just going to bad mouth you UPVFM’s, let me give you some personal experiences, these are just some of the couple of thousands I can give from just 2 years of living there, it essentially happened anytime I went into public with these UPVFM’s, just to prove my point, which will not matter because the UPVFM’s will come on here and act like the retarded (I don’t care if you don’t like racist and prefer Xenophobe, they are the same thing, all Xenophobes are racist) racist they are, and blame the mainland Chinese, or the Malaysians, because these UPVFM’s cannot admit anything about themselves, and that is half the F@#$in problem and a big part of why they are UPVFM’s.
Flying into Singapore: My wife and coming from a wonderful vacation in Okinawa, flew Okinawa to Shanghai, then Shanghai to Singapore, we flew business class, big seats, lots of room, Singapore airlines, should have been a pleasant 5 hour flight with plenty of sleep seeing it departed at midnight, and arrived at 5:30 am. We get on the plane, sit comfortably in our seats, and wait for the meal, eat the meal, and then I want to get some sleep, I lay my chair back, and the filthy Singapore bitch behind me takes her filthy stank feet and kicks me in the head as she tries to put he feet on the back of my chair, I am like what the F@#$. She tries to tell me “I paid for this space lah, its my space too”, I call over the flight attendant, she and the woman have words, I try to lay down and sleep again, and this filthy UPVFM’s pig does it again, after an hour of back and forth I finally open my mouth with out calling the flight attendant, and threaten to rip this UPVFM’s head of her neck, and disembowel her with my fork, I could not believe this was allowed in Business class, how low class are these things.
Day 2 in Singapore signing up for cable, my wife and I go to Singtel, to sign up for a phone, internet and cable, we are seated, for close to 30minutes waiting for assistance from the girl behind the counter (as we arrived before opening, there were no customers yet except us, also introducing me to the 2 years of the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen in any country in my life), a annoying Singapore woman, and her two unruly vile non-disciplined children come be loud, disrespectful, and just plain, annoying, obnoxious, unpalatable bastards, and begin screaming at the counter girl, who still has not served my wife and I, let alone done anything I can see for that matter. Soon after an older British couple come in, the man on a walker and the woman with a cane, my wife and I stood up and offered our chairs to them, they are handicapped after all, and the 2 UPVFM children ran up, pushed the old man to the ground and took the chair, that UPVFM mother looked at them and in her vile Singlish accent said “good, leh” I told the kids to get up as the mother would not, and then the mother yelled at me “you don’t understand our culture, Children can do no wrong,” this retarded bitc$ goes, so replied, “your right its not the children’s fault, it the parents fault for not teaching these animals right from wrong.” I then looked at the kids and said “GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF THAT CHAIR RIGHT NOW GO STAND NEXT TO YOUR MOTHER AND SHUT YOUR MOUTHS FOR THE REST OF THE TIME YOU ARE IN HERE!” ironically, by that time many more people had walked into the store, foreign and local, and all of the foreigners had started applauding, funny isn’t it. Then I turned the girl who was suppose to be working and said “HEY BITCH WHY DON’T YOU DO YOUR GOD DAMN JOB AND SERVE THE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN PATIENTLY WAITING FOR 45 MINUTES,” finally I got service, an Australian guy also began to talk to me and said, I will fit in well in Singapore with my attitude, and asked where I came from, I told him NY, he warned me there, that the UPVFM’s would not like that for the entire time I live there, I said not like NY, everybody likes NY, everybody in the world wants to go to NY, I have never met anybody who doesn’t like NY, except me, he told the UPVFM’s hate anybody better them, and a NY’er obviously is.
The next day I told my Singaporean Colleague about the event, he goes, It must have been a mainland Chinese, I said they had a Singaporean accent, spoke Singlish, and carried a Singaporean IC card which was in the woman’s hand, he still insisted it was a foreigner that must have PR because Singaporeans don’t act that way.
My first Work Trip: So I had been their about a month, moved into my condo, got internet and cable and had to make my first trip, this was around July, July is hot, I was in Taiwan, my wife called me that morning from Taiwan, crying and screaming, their was a dead guy on the ground in front of our apartment, a dead guy, she was in hysterics, the guy apparently had taken his own life in our condo, I calmed her down and told her to shut the window, I called my colleague, and asked him to check on my wife because she was scared due to seeing this dead body, he told me that Asian culture does not help friends that way, I said, “WHAT? I have lived in Asia for 11 years, I have an Asian wife for 8, are you retarded” so he refused to take thirty minutes out of his day to comfort a foreigner witnessing a live death after being in the UPVFM’s country for only about 30 days. 2 hours later, my wife calls me back in hysterics again, she said she was dying from the heat and opened the shades, and the body is still lying outside on the ground, uncovered and there are little children outside around it, I said they have not covered it? They have not moved it to the hospital yet? What the hell is the matter with these people, there are children looking at the body, are parents freaking? I have only seen such things in a handful of countries, let me list them for you now, India, China, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Indonesia, notice these are all third world countries that allow bodies to stay out, uncovered and children tto run and play around them, and I now add Singapore to that list, my wife and I have a huge discussion about how in NY, or in Japan, they would go out of their way to make sure you cannot see, especially if there are children, but not in Singapore, and the only person I know in Singapore, cannot take 30 f’in minutes out of their day to comfort someone who is new in THEIR COUNTRY. What UPVFM’s they are. Essentially, my wife told me the body sat outside, uncovered for 8hours with children and people walking around it then they put a blanket over it for another 3 before they finally moved it, WTF is the matter with these UPVFM’s.
After 3 months I realized, these UPVFM’s were lazy and did not work, and had to be extremely micromanaged to make sure anything got done and done properly. After 6 months there I was talking to 3 friends, about my disgust of their lack of work habits and ethics, and my friends said it must just be my employees, so I challenged them to test their work forces, being a 6 Sigma Black Belt, and offering free Black belt services that could provide money saving techniques to 3 large companies in Singapore (Symantec, Motorola, and GE) they gladly accepted, I came up with individual rating and monitoring systems that allowed them to rank accomplished work by all their employees foreign and local, GE which found the closest results had their Singaporean staff accomplishing only 1/7th of the work as their laziest foreign employee, all 3 companies however showed the same results, the UPVFM’s were useless, but the companies were forced to keep because of Singapore’s employment laws, these companies then hired me to do more studies for them, all in all Motorola has shut down all facilities in Singapore, Symantec paid a fine and fired all of its Singapore staff, and GE moved all operations to Malaysia.
Like I said these are just a few of thousands of examples I can give over 2 years of being in that shit hole, they are all UPVFM’s, and I hope somebody sinks that island back into the ocean.
Oh and just for the Singaporeans who think what I have to say about your country does not matter, I talked to hundreds of people (maybe more) from every country of the world per year, and I tell them exactly what I think of you UPVFM’s, and I give them experience on top of experience, and this does have an impact you filth.

Tue May 19, 09:55:00 am 2009  
Blogger Packrat said...

Wow...and amazingly, there were a total of zero full stops in that sentence.

And you should think about using some form of English. I believe that they speak it in NY. Look it up sometime.

Sorry our dear country has proven to be that irritating to you that you would kill 4 million people just to let of some steam. After you're done, would you like to go kill some Jews as well?


Wed May 20, 12:47:00 am 2009  

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