Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Luxury is...

...a door for the urinal area of a toilet...

Because that's what I've always wanted but never experienced in an upscale shopping center like Paragon or a luxurious hotel like the Ritz Carlton...But apparently they've got it in the ISD detention facility. I love how my tax dollars are put to work...Don't you?

What's next? A look at Mas Selamat's personalized 5 star mattress with the memory foam top layer and the caviar that he gets served with 2 meals a day? (3 meals would be an extravagance...)

Perhaps it's time we started treating our criminal masterminds (oftendetainedwithouttrialforanunspecifiedamountoftime) like criminals (oftendetainedwithouttrialforanunspecifiedamountoftime).

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