Monday, July 24, 2006

Ever buy something that didn't work?

Well, in a bid to cut costs, I bought a 3 pack of Dettol Cool soap. (Actual soap bars, not the liquid stuff) I realised, sadly, that I got gypped by Dettol. Not only does the soap bar not leave a tingly menthol feeling on the skin (...mmmmm....Menthol) it smells suspisciously like Dettol. Before any of you go "D'uh, it's Dettol", I have to add that the Dettol Cool liquid soap had a pleasant menthol after-wash smell that masked the scent of "Dettol cleaning power" to go along with said tingly "Dettol clean feeling". The Dettol soap bar however makes me smell like a hospital. It's sad when you're going for the fresh after-bath feeling and end up feeling disinfected like a SARS patient.

To quote Donatella Moss on The West Wing: "I want my money back."

Also, the post with the highest incidence of the word "Dettol" for the win.


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