Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Take the teeth too why don't you?

Let's see...

You've brought your rottweiler to a dogfight. You haven't exactly leashed it or forced it to come with you but you've beaten enough sense into the dog so that it barks and bites on command. Your opponent's got a ferret in his corner because you've outlawed dogs from dogfights. Not that your rottweiler's YOUR dog per se because you can't help it that it is, effectively, your bitch.

One look at the ferret and you say, "Hey, that's not a dog. No go!"

Your opponent is now dogless and ferretless.

Then you proceed to trounce your competition because you've got the only dog in the ring. After the victory, you shake your opponent's hand and congratulate him on a fight well fought.

Let's pose a question to the viewer:

"Is that fair?"


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