Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The nature of human beings...

The Horde attempted a suicidal raid on Stormwind, one of the capital cities of the Alliance and the result was utter decimation of their raid team. That said, they fought bravely without running and panicking. All in all a very organised effort on their part.

The result:
Stormwind Raid

It is with a certain pessimism that we witness what happens next because a member of the Alliance, instead of taking stock of the situation and ensuring that the Horde do not launch a second attack, organises a raid group to attack the Horde city. (By "organises" I mean yells "LET'S GET THOSE HORDIES IN THEIR OWN CITY!!! WHO'S WITH ME?!!!) Subsequently, a large portion of the Alliance players defending the city rush out to take the fight back to the Horde.

/me smacks forehead.


Anyone wonders why human beings start so many wars? One need only look at the games people play to find the reason.


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