Monday, September 12, 2005

What the...?!

  1. Two bloggers charged with racist comments under the sedition law. Sedition?! 1984 anybody? Has Singapore finally started cracking down on Bloggers? Are we in danger of censorship? Or worse, prosecution? Was this a warning shot? Was that the trumpet call to war?
  2. Racist comments. I've been wondering about this. Should the two men been charged with racist comments or should they have been allowed to post their comments? Aren't they entitled to their own opinions? I'm not for discrimination. I've never been. But despite blogs like Stop Gays and Straights and the now defunct the[first][second][third]holocaust, I've never really thought that those blogs should have been taken off. I've always seen it as a byproduct of free speech. For all the Browns, Miyagis, Tyms et al out there, there's always a whole host of idiots as well. The thing about free speech is that you've got to be discerning enough to sort out the wheat from the chaff. And I guess that takes a certain kind of maturity to do so. Unfortunately, it seems like we're not that kind of society. So says the government, so say we all.
  3. On to something else: I saw something on MTV last night. I Want a Famous Face. ... Anybody who wants to see people who are so insecure and unsure about themselves that they need to get massive amounts of plastic surgery, shown in (almost) all their gory glory, should catch this show. It makes one really feel so much better than oneself. Last nights episode featured a girl (quite good looking) who felt that getting plastic surgery to look like Britney Spears and breast implants and blow her up at least 3 cup sizes was the only way that she could overcome her shyness. That's not all. That was only the first part of her grand plan. The second part was that she was going to strip in a gentlemens' club. Well, she got her surgery. Then she realised that she still didn't have the courage to carry out the stripping. So she overcame her shyness by taking nude photos for playboy...with her new (fake looking) double Ds.
  4. A maid. Killed what was termed her best friend. And if the Singapore government's got anything to say about it, she will hang. It's quite sad actually. Would have been better if it were a conspiracy. A whole bunch of cutthroat thugs. A politician hiding a scandalous secret. A CEO of a national charity overhauling a corrupt company. Anything. It's the way that life is on TV. Then the police haul in a mother of two who killed her best friend. And we all return to earth.

Life's funny in some ways. Tragic in others.