Wednesday, September 21, 2005



...and the award for scariest looking contraption this year goes to something that I saw in Robinsons' this evening while looking for a "boppy".

*Hint: This was in the infant/maternity section.*

Man, I'm glad I'm not a woman...


Blogger Nna said...

Is that a.. milk extractor thing. :/

Thu Sep 22, 02:14:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Tym said...

Breast milk pump. I hope the answer is yes.

My initial response was: Eeeeek!!!

Thu Sep 22, 08:16:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Packrat said...


NNA wins a virtual trip to...well...nowhere. But kudos for guessing right. And no, we're not talking about milk from a cow.

Thu Sep 22, 09:08:00 pm 2005  
Blogger humblewarrior said...

Thanks for sharing!

Sat Sep 24, 12:09:00 am 2005  
Blogger Nna said...

If those contraptions were for cows.. they must've been for fat blubbery women. :x

Mon Sep 26, 11:34:00 pm 2005  
Blogger threez said...

It looks better than it sounds. Wwwhrrrngorrr, wwwhrrrrngorr, kroooooooooooooophhh!

Wed Sep 28, 11:39:00 pm 2005  

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