Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kit Chan ate my fish...

Or rather, she ate a fish that I barbequed. (Rather badly)

Well...this would be celebrity sighting number two. It was a dinner organised by Threez to talk about WMD issues. Kit Chan was on the guest list and I guess that I'm about as big a fan as...OK...I lie. I know that she's famous and all and I know that she sings well but as far as her body of work goes, all I can think about is that she sang one of the National Day songs. (Home, I think) But it was rather intrigueing a celebrity sighting enough to get my curiousity piqued. What does a celebrity wear to a barbeque? Well, she was certainly glamourous enough with full makeup and a weird transluscent top...Which was what you'd expect celebrity-wise but not quite barbeque wear. That got me thinking. Are celebrities responsible for keeping up their image all the time? Or was Kit Chan just the kind of woman who puts on her full game face everywhere she goes?

Anyways, as far as meetings went, she cast a glance in my direction while we were introduced but I think dismissed me (considering the fact that I was dressed to barbeque) almost immediately. She went on to talk business with Threez and last I saw her, was listening with a quizzical look on her face to Threez's brother as he went on about some Australian anecdote.

But she ate the fish that I mangled on the barbeque. (Skin stuck to the grill and the fish was eviscerated as I flipped it)

Interesting night.


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