Thursday, June 16, 2005

Courage, the Cowardly Dog.

We officially are fostering the biggest chicken of a canine. Molly, the Jack Russell Terrier is scared of just about everything. She flinches. At everything. We thought it was just plastic bags but apparently it's everything. Loud noises. Big rubber balls. Newspapers. Sudden movement. Everything.

She's also terrified of being alone so leaving her alone in her den (read: toilet) is an exercise in guile and dexterity. Leaving the house pretty much is the same thing. Presently it involves carrying her in the crook of one's arm and then tossing her into the house as we close the door.

Presently considering the option of changing her name to chicken noises but when we try it, she only responds to Ondine. (We suspect that it's because she's got a higher pitched voice)

O least she's been good so far. Hope she stays that way...


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