Friday, October 27, 2006

Took Hangs. McCrea gets 10.

Nor would McCrea have had to face life imprisonment. Under the Penal Code, culpable homicide would attract a jail term of 10 years or life imprisonment if the facts showed that he intended to cause the deaths.

The charges against McCrea were that he did not intend to cause the deaths, although he knew his actions could have fatal results.

In layman's terms, the distinction goes something like this. If B provokes A and A attacks B intending to kill him, it's possibly life imprisonment. If A attacks B in a fit of anger without any intention to kill, even though he knows that B might die, it warrants a maximum of 10 years.

Reference if you will, a case sometime ago, where our criminal courts deemed a man who killed a man in anger and subsequently strangled a girl the very next day a non-murderer.

Look upon another man who may have been criminally insane (and therefore technically not culpable for the actions that he had taken) who (may have) killed a 7 year-old girl. He gets the death sentence.

Which one was the Caucasian?

As much as I would like justice to prevail, I've come to the realisation that justice isn't colour blind. It unfortunately looks in favour upon shades of white. Or perhaps it's green.

"To build a democratic society based on justice and equality."



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