Wednesday, November 28, 2007's been a while.

Since my last update:

  1. Work has been busy. Satisfying, but busy. Despite my not actually going anywhere career-wise, I guess I can say that there has been some improvements in the work that I am doing. Looks like a good year ahead (I hope).
  2. I've seen through my second batch of students. And this has been as satisfying or perhaps more so than my previous batch. (The new subject seemed to bring out the best in educational spirits, both for myself and for my students. More experimentation, more ground covered...satisfying)
  3. Fatherhood has gradually sunk in. And it's not as scary as it all seems.
  4. Finally getting some rest from the Sword of Damocles that has been lifted for yet another year. Passed with merit. Don't have to do RT.
  5. Finished American Gods. Great book. Do yourself a favour and go read it.
Now, all there is to do is finish up a bit of work and look forward to Phuket and Bangkok. Fun times ahead!