Friday, October 06, 2006

Sue them all...

So, what're the odds of a civil action lawsuit against Indonesia for the haze that they're sending down our way? If not for anything else, then perhaps each Singaporean can use the money for the medical bills that come our way. (BTW, sneezing fit for most of the day? Not fun!)

Either that or we'll sue just so that we can get one giant air purifier to place in the padang. Can then avoid the massive haze problems and smell lemony fresh at the same time. :)


Blogger rook said...

Um, a giant air purifier at the Padang would just result in lemony-smelling haze. It's like trying to mask the smell of B.O. with cologne -- it doesn't work and oftentimes the result is worse than the original situation.

This year's acrid-smelling haze is the worst I've experienced so far.

Sat Oct 07, 01:26:00 am 2006  
Blogger Packrat said...

That and I think I'm really getting sick because of it.

Sat Oct 07, 01:50:00 pm 2006  

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