Sunday, June 27, 2004

Snowballin' into an avalanche.

I'm back and I just realised that I'm in for reservist in exactly a week and a day. That put my (already sucky mood) into the crapper since I'm going back to school in another 31 hours or so.
O well...I think that getting back into NS would be a challenge for me considering the fact that I've been out of the service for the last 8 years.
On to other (better) things.
re: choice.
I love the idea that choice is out there, be it 1200 channels of crap, at least 2 dozen ways to make your arteries cry uncle in a supermarket (happily marked as the wholesale aisle)or a plethora of DVDs in the store awaiting perusal, I like the freedom to choose. I like the idea that my life is my own and no one can make the decisions for me. I LOVE choice.
And what I found in the north American continent was a world of choices that I didn't even know existed...far beyond the continent of Australia. It was a land that sold 15 hundred thousand crappy things that I definitely did not need and didn't even want but it was all there...And the world of choice basically said to me that there's a poor sucker out there who would love to own a slicer dicer thing that also juliennes soda cans and WE WILL CATER TO HIS NEEDS (while also making a huge profit off this bozo).
I know it sounds shallow but I like the idea of having almost everything at my fingertips. It's weird but I guess living in a place that restricts everything that I can have, leaving for a country where there is a plethora of choice and then having to return to aforementioned restrictive space would make a guy yearn for choice like it's water in a desert.
I know that there's a huge world out there and I have to keep reminding myself that my life's going to be way bigger than the onslaught of crap that I have to withstand from the narrow minded idiots in the world that I live in...but sometimes it's hard and it just eats at me.
On an even lighter note: I ate a Twinkie*, probably the most vile of all baked food products. It was not as bad as I was led to believe although the chemical aftertaste actually defied all senses...(ie, it probably killed my tastebuds...) but aside from the 2 kilos of sugar that they manage to inject into the 2 oz pastry and the cream filling that tastes like whipped cream with 2 kilos of sugar dissolved in it, it wasn't all that bad and it's an experience that I would totally reccommend to anyone who isn't diabetic.

*I am totally ashamed to say that the years of programming through comic books and repeated viewings of Inca Mummy Girl twisted my weak-willed mind into wanting to try a Twinkie.


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