Thursday, June 03, 2004

I meant to post this on the 31st of May, but...

There were many songs that were sung during my wedding. We chose the music that we played for almost everything, up to a point where we almost had enough for a soundtrack. Ironically enough, the one song that reminds me most of the wedding is a song that we did not choose at all, but one that was chosen for us by a man named Sam. It’s a song simply titled “For the first time”.

I walked into a beautiful ballroom with my wife of a day and the atmosphere was surreal, like a fairy tale. The lights were dimmed, or at least I think they were, I couldn’t really tell, and the piano was playing. And here was the thing, everyone was looking at us and I was just thinking that they were probably thinking the same thing as I was, “Who was this beautiful woman and why was she with this loser?”

And there was the song.

It was a song that spoke of a man who desperately looked for beauty everywhere but didn’t realise that he had it in his hands. It was a song about awakening and about sight and it was beautiful. On a night that I saw little and remember even less, the image in burned into my head of my hand on hers as I led her into the ballroom as well as the thought that I was so blessed. And that image will forever be associated with our song, borrowed as it were. It was made ours by Sam the piano man. It was almost Casablanca-esque, without the tragic ending or the seedy bar, or the gambling…OK…it wasn’t really Casablanca-esque but what’s a song played for a couple if it isn’t played by a man named Sam?


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